The need for cash

I guess I am luckier than some on the money front I already have a boat that is capable of doing the race as is, I have the finances in place to get to the start line.

What I don’t have are the finances to improve on my performance. Or to put it another way my sails whilst in good nick are a generation behind!! I need new sails and in order to do that I need financial support. 

Click here if you are able to help me with a small contribution

Email me at if you are interested in marketing partnerships.

Any help however small is greatly appreciated.



Preparation for the 2009 season

My current calendar for this year is:


1)      March/early April – 1000 mile solo qualifier

2)      Late April – Pornichet select – 300 miles solo

3)      May – Mini Pavois – 800 miles solo

4)      June – Trophy Marie Agnes Peron – 220 miles solo

5)      August – Transgascoigne – 650 miles solo

6)      September/October – Transat 6.50 – 4200 miles solo

2008 Season

2008 was a hectic season with a lot of training from Lymington and work on the boat. But only 1 race the UK Fastnet 6.5 co-skippered by Steve Homewood. It was a good race with an excellent downwind trip in breeze to the rock, followed by a not so pleasant slog back upwind in force 5-6 all the way back to Plymouth.

The only other venture out of note was an attempt at my 1000 mile qualification passage, which I ended up having to retire form off the Lizard with a broken rudder.