La Rochelle – I am here at last!!!!

Arrival at La Rochelle pre-start

At long last after 3 years of qualifying and 3000 official mini miles I am now in La Rochelle and gearing up for the start. As with any race there are always loads of little jobs to do especially after the couple of thousand miles I have already done this year, this is made worse by the boat being so far from home so needless to say the job list is huge, however the nice thing is I am lucky that it is pretty much made up of small jobs, some performance tweaks and some just to make life easier.

I am currently in the main La Rochelle marina but tomorrow I move through to the race village, which for me is a pretty exciting step, shortly after that the safety inspections will start.

With the exeption of the job list already mentioned I am feeling pretty ready for this, I think all my safety kit is in order and I feel pretty happy with the way the preparation is going, I know that I have not had the luxury of the time and money that a lot of the teams here have but I also know that what time I have had I have made good use of.

Hopefully I will get a little bit of time to get some more news up here soon.

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