Entry confirmed!!!!

When you enter the transat, and it is over subscribed, then there are a number of ways in which the class decide who goes onto the main entry list and who goes onto the waiting list. The main entry list is initially made up of all those who are fully qualified (1000 racing miles + 1000 mile solo qualification passage). The people with the highest racing mileage go to the top of the list. This is further broken down into series and proto, with a guarranteed percentage of each going through. Based on these 2 criteria the top 72 boats are listed as confirmed starters, everybody else goes onto the main waiting list, there is then an additional waiting list for non-qualified boats (this was where I was to start with), where ever you are on this non qualified waiting list you move onto the main waiting list in the order that you qualify. This was why I did my qualifier so early in the year, it allowed me to jump straight to the main waiting list as soon as possible (I was the first person to qualify on the atlantic course this year), it put me to 84th entry, I needed 12 boats to drop out.

My aim has always been to ensure that if I didn’t make it to the start this year that I get enough racing miles this year to guarrantee that I can do it next year. Then in May came the news that next years race had been cancelled!!! However in June came the great news that the entry had been increased from 72 to 84, I was 84th on the list that was great I was in!!! However by the time they had reworked the percentages of proto to series, I was back down to 85th and not in again!! However a fortnight later I got a phone call from classe mini to say that a series boat had withdrawn and I was back in. So now as you can see from the link below I am now on the main start list I AM GOING TO BRAZIL!!!!

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